Friday, May 18, 2018

Warehouse Club - Save More By Buying in Bulk

After my colleague got us each a packet of barkTHINS Snacking Chocolate on her recent trip to the US, I got so addicted to it. I went looking for it all around Singapore and someone wrote online that it is available at this Warehouse Club in Joo Koon. I went to this Warehouse Club and although I didn’t find barkTHINS Snacking Chocolate (I did find an alternative snacking chocolate there, read my last post to find out), I found Warehouse Club to be such a great place that I wanted to share with everyone. 

Warehouse Club is a members-only wholesale centre operated by FairPrice. The two-storey store at FairPrice Hub in Joo Koon offers more than 4000 products including groceries, fresh and frozen food, electronics, household goods and beauty products. Members can buy items in bulk at discounts up to 20 percent. 

You can get red and white wines at the Wine & Spirits corner where a bottle of wine averages $14.95 - $34 per bottle. 

Snacks and chips can be bought by the cartons to maximize your savings. Popchips Gluten Free Variety Pack costs $31.95 per carton, Austin Zoo Animal Cracker is $21.95 per carton and extra-large packets of Lays potato chips at $17.50 for 2 packets. 

Alpen Light Jaffa Cake is a great grab-and-go option for those who don’t have the time to have to have a proper breakfast in the morning, retailing at $13 per pack (5 bars). If you are more of a cereal person, you can get Cheerios for $14.95-$15.95 per box and Kellogg’s Rice Krispies at $9.95 per box. 

You can even bottled Starbucks coffee either individually or in sets of 15 bottles. 

There is an assortment of jams and peanut butter spreads, priced between $5.80 - $11.95 per bottle.  

Mayonnaise lovers will love these huge-ass 1.9 litter jars of Kirkland Signature Mayonnaise going at just $9.95 each. 

You can get fruit juice and fruit concentrates at $3.60 - $29.95 per bottle or per pack. 

You can even get Nescafe Dolce Gusto (Esspresso Intenso/Cappuccino/Mocha/Lungo) at just $21.50 each. 

This is where you can get cooking oils and rice. 

The fresh fruits and vegetables section is pretty limited but they are slightly cheaper than those found in NTUC FairPrice and Cold Storage.

You can stock up on your favorite ice-creams from Haagen Dazs Mini to Potong Durian Ice-Cream. 

Right next to the chillers that holds the ice-cream are chillers   filled with cakes - fruit cakes, cheesecakes, strawberry gateau, chocolate mousse. 

Adult milk formulas such as Enercal Plus, Regilail and Anlene are available in cartons. Supplementary drinks such as Dr Oatcare, Spirulina and Ensure can also be found here.

You can find all the common shampoo and body wash brands here - Head & Shoulders, Clear, Panteen, Sunsilk, Olive Essence, Dettol, Doce, Lifebuoy, Lux, Neutrogena Rainbath and Goat’s Milk Foaming Bath, all at a discounted price. 

Here are more toiletries, from face mask sheets to facial cleaner to sanitary pads.

Fashionistas and beauty queens will love the face mask sheets that come in packs of 10, which only costs $7.90 - $16.90 per pack.

You can also get liquid laundry detergents such as Breeze, Top and Walch. 

This row stocks toilet paper, boxed tissues and kitchen towel.

There are many brands of dishwashing detergent, the cheapest is only $2.90 per bottle. 

Baby diaper brands such as Merries and Dryers can be bought at just $20.95 and $37.35 for 3 packs respectively.

There is a section for adult diapers as well, look out for brands such as Tena and Dr. P. 

There is even a small section of cutleries where you can get spoon, fork, bowls, plates cups and many more.

Warehouse Club regularly holds special discounts, sometimes as much as 30 percent off.

Warehouse Club is currently running a One Year Membership Promotion where NTUC and FairPrice members and shareholders pay only $10 for 1 year while the public pay $20 for 1 year. This membership allows you to enjoy these benefits:
1. Great deals with multi-packs and value-packs
2. Earn LinkPoints with minimum purchase of $20 for Plus! Members
3. Unique brands such as Kirkland Signature 
Free delivery with minimum spending of $500 

Warehouse Club
Address: 1 Joo Koon Circle, FairPrice Hub Level 3, Singapore 629117
Opening Hours: Daily 9am - 10pm
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