Friday, April 06, 2018

Book Review: Rhett Butler's People by Donald McCaig

I don't like sad endings and after reading Gone with The Wind where the story ended with Rhett Butler leaving Scarlett, it left an unsatisfactory feeling in me. I decided to see if there is a sequel to Gone with The Wind and I found Rhett Butler's People. This is the authorised sequel to Gone with The Wind. 

As the name implies, Rhett Butlet's people tells the story from Rhett Butler's perspective. I have always been rather curious about how Rhett Butler thinks so this book is perfect for me.

After reading the book, I adore Rhett Butler even more. He is a shrewd businessman who sees opportunity that others can't, he can charm the pants off anyone he sets his mind to. Yet he is such a tender-hearted man who disguises his pain with cold harsh words. 

Rhett Butler's People has given me the happy ending that I want where Scarlett finally realises that she loved Rhett and they finally start loving one another. 

Rhett Butler will, and always be, my prince charming. 

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