Monday, October 06, 2014

Company Bangkok Trip (4-6 October 2014)

This is our annual company trip where flight and hotel is fully paid for. This is the second time I am going to Bangkok with the company.

Day 1 (4 October 2014)

After check-in, we had lunch at Kaffe & Toast.

Ou K N Chin Suntec group photo. Jamie, you are sorely missed.

We are on board the plane, off we go!

We have arrived at Pathumwan Princess Hotel and this is the welcome drink.

This is my Guest Registration Card. I didn't know that my occupation is Chief of Asia Division of International or that my nationality is Swiss?! 

This is our room, I am staying with Merilyn.

This is the bathroom.

Do I look pretty?

We didn't get to visit Yaowarat (Bangkok Chinatown) the last time we were here, so I planned it into our itinerary, but the Clifford group are too tired so they opted to shop at MBK. Here we are at Yaowarat (Bangkok Chinatown)! 

Yaowarat is bustling with food in the night. Stalls that sell shark's fin and bird's nest line Yaowarat, one after another.

The fresh bean sprouts and parsley are meant to be put into the pots of shark's fin and sea cucumber.

Here are the condiments, take your pick.

The fried rice is amazingly delicious. It is simple but reminds me of home-cooked food.

Kang Kong is fresh and nicely stir-fried.

Ngoh Hiang is nicely fried till crispy. 

I wonder if the Shark's Fin is real. If it is indeed the real stuff, I feel kind of guilty for eating something off a creature that is near extinction.

This is Sea Cucumber. 

This is the famous Bird's Nest, but I personally find it bland and very sweet. It feels like I am eating jelly with lots of sugar. 

The whole meal only cost THB$2000, which is roughly S$80. Divide that by 4, that is just S$20 per per person. It's super worth it! Yaowarat is open until 2am, now I know where to go for supper in Bangkok!

This is freshly pomegranate juice. Stalls like this can be found all over Bangkok, and especially in Yaowarat. You can't walk 100m without chancing upon one. The bigger bottle normally sell for THB$50-60 while the smaller bottle normally sells for THB$40-50. 

If you see a stall selling pomegranate juice, it is very likely you will see another stall like this selling fresh lime juice. I can testify, it is delicious and very cheap too!

This is the fresh promenade. 

This is how promenade juice is produced.

Lots of beautiful fruits sold at cheap prices.

We decided to take the tuk tuk home. As the seat can only seat three people, I volunteered to seat at the end. It was one hell of a ride as I am flung left and right, but it was so thrilling!

This is the lounge of the hotel located at level 8. Although it looks a little creepy, but I think it would be quite romantic to sit here with a loved one.

I bought Sticky Rice With Mango back from Yaowarat because we could not find a table to sit to eat there. This is one of Thailand's most famous dessert and it also happen to be one of my favourite Thailand dessert.

Day 2 (5 October 2014) 

This is the hotel's complimentary breakfast. I personally find the breakfast has only the standard of a three star hotel, and yet Pathumwan is a five star hotel.

We have arrived at Chutuchak Weekend Market!

Don't the roasted pork look good? I bought 200g for only THB$140, that is only S$6. It's super worth it!

This is coconut ice-cream made from real coconut and it only sells for THB$35. It is slightly sweet but not overly creamy. They even serve it in a coconut husk, which makes it all the more interesting. You should definitely give this sweet treat a try when you are at Chutuchak Weekend Market.

View of the hotel from our room.

We had lunch at this Yana Restaurant in MBK, upon Yati's recommendation. The food is alright but not fantastic. It is halal-certified, so Muslim friends can be rest assured. 

I saw this steamed corn as we were walking along the pavement and it looked so good that I could not resist my temptation to buy one to try. The corn is very sweet, but they don't sell steamed kennels in cups, instead they slice the corn in strips. It's a new way of eating corn and I like it.

There is this stall selling what looks like lok lok, but I didn't get the chance to buy some. I will definitely try this the next time I visit Bangkok.

We had dinner at a halal-certified restaurant recommended by Yati. The food is alright but the service is atrocious. It took forever for our food to arrive, and we actually got scolded when we enquired about our food. 

This is my loot from this trip. I got most of it from Chutuchak Weekend Market because things are dirt cheap there.

Day 3 (6 October 2014)

After having hotel's complimentary breakfast, everyone went to do last-minute shopping at MBK while I slept the morning away.

We are on our way back to Singapore! Bangkok is great but it still feels so good to come back to familiar Singapore.
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