Thursday, July 10, 2014

Yellow Submarine

Technically, Yellow Submarine is really more of fast food than a restaurant, but since it is something new in Singapore and it sounds appetising, I have decided to do a review on it. The only outlet in Singapore currently is in Toa Payoh. 

I ordered the Yellow Submarine Classic meal. Oh my god, I love the cheese fries! They are very generous with the cheese, every piece of fries is covered with the golden goodness. The fries are fat steel-cut ones and they are a little on the soft side, but the cheese makes the softness negligible.   

The Yellow Submarine Classic burger itself is a hotdog bun filled with strips of beef and lots of cheese. 

I ordered an additional NY Cheese Hunt for dessert. It is just a stick of New York Cheesecake, nothing really special about it.

Everything that is sold here is full of cheese, which is so up my alley. If you happen to be in Toa Payoh, you might want to give this place a try.

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