Friday, July 18, 2014


My colleagues and I agreed to have dinner together today after work and Serene, whom I have nicknamed "Living Food Directory", brought us to Saveur.

Saveur is the brainchild of two enterprising Lasalle graduates. Saveur's moto is "bringing you a culinary experience in our own modern interpretation" and they did.

This is their menu. It's simple and pleasing to the eye.

Printing announcements on table mat is an ingenious way of advertising.

Good stainless-steel cutleries are used.

We decided to start off with a few starters.

This Saveur Pasta is hugely recommended by a sales representative. The pasta is done aglio olio style but it is a little dry. Shrimps are added, making the dish very pleasing to the eye. I thought it was alright but my colleagues loved it so much they ordered a second serving.

Foie Gras with Creamy Lentils and Pickled Pearl Onion is recommended by the same sales representative and it was delicious. The foie gras is very very tender although the outside is cooked. Creamy Lentils and Pickled Pearl Onion went very well with foie gras.

We liked the Foie Gras with Creamy Lentils and Pickled Pearl Onion so much we decided to try the other version, Foie Gras with Apple & Raisin Infused with Port Wine & Vanilla Bean. The port wine is too strong and it overpowdered the foie gras. Foie Gras with Creamy Lentils and Pickled Pearl Onion is still the better of the two.

We all had Duck Confit for our main course, which is hugely recommended by Serene. I quote her "they have the best duck confit" but I beg to differ. The shiitake mushrooms are very well done, but I feel that the duck is too dry, there is not enough fats. I like the duck confit at The French Table better.

For dessert, we had Cookies and Milk. The ice-cream is hidden under the layer of milk foam. It is innovative but a little queer to the eye.

I ordered this Salted Caramel Lava Cake from the Special Menu and I am so glad I did. 

This is one level up from the regular chocolate lava cake. Just look at the salted caramel oozing out. The taste is the perfect combination of sweetness of caramel and saltiness of salt. This shall be my favourite dessert from now on.

This is another casual French restaurant where the prices will not burn a hole in your wallet and the food are decent. Salted Caramel Lava Cake is to die for!
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