Monday, July 07, 2014

Poulet (Raffles City)

I have always wanted how French cuisine tastes like. Over the years, the number of French restaurants have been increasing, but French food has always been more expensive than other cuisines, and poor people like me can't afford them. Poulet came into the scene and now even poor folks like me can get to enjoy French food. 

 I like the design of the table-top, I think it's very classy.

Isn't the menu just so pretty? It's simple and elegant, the French definitely have class. 

This is Poulet's signature dish, Poulet Roti with Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce. Oh my god, the chicken is so tender, the meat just fall right off. I am not talking about the thigh meat, I am taking about the breast meat. I personally feel that the Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce is too creamy with the chicken, it gets a little sick towards the end of the meal. I would like to try the new Poulet de Cranberry, I think it might be better suited for my taste. 

Peach Clafoutis is a French-baked dessert served with a half-peach and a generous serving of vanilla ice-cream. It tastes very similar to bread-pudding. I am not sure I really like the peach to be there, but the dessert and vanilla ice-cream combination is heavenly. Vanilla ice-cream just makes everything taste so much better, don't you agree? 

For food of this quality, I would have expected it to be slightly more expensive than other restaurants, and I was willing to pay for the difference, given that it is French food. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices, they are even cheaper than many other Western restaurants. 

The staff are very attentive and responsive. They smile and notice what you need before you even notice yourself. Now, that's what I call service. 

Dining at Poulet is a pleasant experience, both on the stomach and on your wallet.
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