Tuesday, July 22, 2014


After the renovation, the basement of Suntec City Mall has become a paradise for food lovers like me. Restaurants of different cuisine line the circular hallway that surrounds the Fountain of Wealth. One of the restaurant is Pack'd.

Pack'd is not really a restaurant, it is really a sandwich and salad bar. There are huge posters all around the perimeter of the restaurant and they are tempting me every time I walk pass them. I finally gave in and had lunch at Pack'd today.

I ordered Beef Meatballs and I was told that there is a lunch promotion of main course + drink + dessert at $13, which I happily agreed to.

There is a choice of rice or pasta to go with the Beef Meatballs and I opted for rice. The meatballs are tender and firm. I believe the sauce is probably something like cranberry cabernet because it is a little tangy and I like it.

I ordered Carrot Cake for dessert and it was surprisingly good. The carrot cake is moist but just a little dry and the cream cheese frosting is dense enough to go with it.

I think Pack'd is definitely a place to consider for lunch. With quality like this at only $13 for a complete meal, I think it's definitely a steal. 

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