Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Marco Marco (Millenia Walk)

Marco Marco has four outlets in Singapore and I stumbled upon the outlet in Millenia Walk this afternoon. 

Marco Marco is named after the famous Italian traveller. The food fall under three categories: panini (sandwich), pasta and pizza. The dishes are named after cities where the taste is inspired from - I thought that was kind of creative.

I ordered The Roma. It is a very simple dish with spaghetti, parmesan cheese, bacon and egg yolk and it was brilliantly executed. The slight saltiness and smokiness of bacon is totally infused into the spaghetti and the egg yolk gives the dish a little stickiness. 

There are many Meals. I ordered Full Meal with a top-up of $5.90 which comes with a side dish (I ordered Garlic Bread), a drink (I ordered Strawberry Tea) and a dessert ( I ordered Mousse Au Chocolat). The Garlic Bread is freshly made upon order and they are very generous with the garlic spread - it is delicious and even better than Pizza Hut's. The Mousse Au Chocolat tastes like melted chocolate - the taste is really intense. 

The restaurant promises that no monosodium glutamate is used and the prices are very pocket-friendly (I spent less than $20 on this meal). 
This kind of price for this kind of quality is definitely a steal.

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