Friday, May 02, 2014

Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf: Brunch Menu

The Brunch Menu was restarted on 19 April 2014 but I did not have the time to try it out until today. My roommate Stella is supposed to have dinner with her colleague, Brandon, so I decided to join them.

I did my homework and I already know what I was going to order before I even reached the restaurant. I am going to order the Big Breakfast. 

When they say big breakfast, it literally means that the breakfast is big (I think huge is a more appropriate word here). There is salad with sesame dressing which is absolutely delicious, french fries which I thought I opted out but they stubbornly remain, a slice of thick bread which is baked till crispy in every bite and taste so good with butter, mushroom soup that can be a lot better, Italian sausage (you can choose between Italian and cheese), bacon that is done just right but a little on the salty side, scrambled egg (there is an option of scrambled or sunny side-up) that goes perfectly with the buttered toast, a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice, a piece of watermelon and a cup of ratatouille that is really good. At $19.80, it is such a steal. This shall be my second favourite place for big breakfast after Food for Thought (Botanical Gardens).

The other item I was eyeing on the brunch menu is the Giant French Toast. Since I am not full yet, I decided to have that too.

It came in a curved rattan bowl. According to Brandon who did the marination, he used 15 eggs and sugar and milk. It sounds good, but I am a little disappointed with the taste. It is not eggy enough, it tastes like I am eating bread soaked in sugar syrup. They put it on the house, that is a sweet gesture. It looks kind of different from what is shown in the flyer, apparently they decided to make it smaller and more compact. 

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