Sunday, May 04, 2014

Outback Steakhouse

I have heard of Outback Steakhouse ever since I started working at K N Chin & Associates because Millennia Walk is just opposite Suntec City Mall, which is where I work. I have heard of many positive reviews from colleagues and friends but I was too poor then, but now I finally have a little spare money to indulge myself.

I was a little surprised when they gave me this breadboard, but this is so good! The wheat bread is still very warm, I am not sure if it is freshly baked but it definitely feels like it from the temperature. It is so soft and moist, it tastes so good with the melted butter. This should be the way to start a good meal.

This is a steakhouse so their speciality must be steak, I ordered Outback Special 13OZ (medium rare) with side dishes of baked potato and seasonal vegetables. The beef is really cooked to perfection, the meat is tender and so good. The baked potato is really really good. It is very moist and soft, add on some sour cream and bacon bits and this is easily one of the best backed potato I have eaten so far.

I couldn't decide on which dessert, so I decided to go with the Sweet Adventure Sampler Trio where I get to try three of the desserts in one go. The three are (from left to right) Banana Cake, Classic Cheesecake and Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. The Banana Cake and Chocolate Thunder From Down Under are basically the same with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and finished off with a scoop of whipped cream and chocolate shavings - it is a little too sweet. The Classic Cheesecake is a big let down. It is too dense that is actually taste a little bitter and the raspberry sauce is too sweet, they just don't match.

Just the breadboard, steak and baked potato is more than enough to make me come back again and again. The price here is a little more expensive, but I feel that the food is worth every penny (except the desserts) and I am more than willing to fork out extra money for a good meal.
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