Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Nana's Green Tea

After that horrible dinner at Osaka Ohsho, Stella and I both agreed that we need some good dessert to take away the taste and the only dessert available at Osaka Ohsho is a pathetic-looking Hokkaido Milk Pudding, so we decided to have dessert elsewhere. 

After walking around Plaza Singapura, we decided to have our desserts at Nana's Green Tea. 



I ordered Matcha Soft Cream Slushy as I wanted something simple. It is basically ice-blended matcha with ice-cream but it tastes so good. Good quality matcha powder is used, I can taste its slightly bitter but refreshing taste.  

The creamy and milky ice-cream balanced out the bitterness of the match. 
It is a simple yet delicious dessert that is for everyone. 

According to Stella, the food here is authentic Japanese and even the waiters are Japanese. 

What's better is we didn't have to pay!  Boyfriend and his friend joined is later land they foot the bill. Free food always tastes the best!
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