Sunday, May 11, 2014

Menzo Butao: White Tontoro Ramen

I have been wanting to try the ramen at Menzo Butao ever since they opened their outlet at Marina Square's The Dining Edition, and I finally got my chance today when meeting my ex-colleague, Windy. After having dessert at Lady M Confections, we we were hungry and we wanted real food, so we decided on Menzo Butao. 

Menzo Butao specialises in Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen. There are three soups to choose from: Butao (White), Kuroo (Black) and Akao (Red). I like original tastes, so I went for White Tontoro Ramen. 

I had a moment of food orgasm when I tried the soup. It is a rich, milky pork-bone tontoksu soup and so damn delicious. The noodles used are thin straight ones and they go so well with the soup.

Unlike most other restaurants where all the ingredients are served together in one bowl with the ramen, the ingredients are served in a dish separately here. It is definitely a wise choice for the pork slices but I do wish the other ingredients had been put in together with the ramen so that the richness of the broth will make the ingredients taste better. There is much room for improvement for their tamago. 

The pork slices, oh the pork slices. This is the only restaurant I know so far where the pork slices are grilled. The pork they use is not as fat as other places and each piece is grilled to perfection. The taste is beyond words and oh-so-good. 

I know that I will return again and again. The rich and creamy tonkotsu broth and the grilled pork pieces will send me to food heaven every time. 

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