Monday, May 12, 2014

Marche Movenpick (Westgate)

Today's weather is simply crazy. It is so hot and humid, I don't feel like eating anything.

I passed by Mache Movenpick when I was window-shopping at Westgate and decided to have a little something for dinner. 

I have never been a salad person (although I am trying to eat healthier in order to lose weight) but this Smoked Salmon Horseradish & Apple is very refreshing. The sauce is a tangy horseradish cream, it covers the rawness of the vegetables and the apples (they tasted more like melon to me) add a little sweetness. It is the perfect dish for a sweltering day like today. 

Raspberry Feeling sounds delicious on the menu" raspberries, bananas, fresh mint, elderflower syrup, apple olive oil" and it tastes delicious too. It is a zesty fruity drink that is perfect for a hot and humid day such as today.

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