Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lady M Confections: Vanilla Mille Crepe

I finally got to chance to try the famous Lady M cake that my doctor and friends are all raving about. They have opened an outlet in Marina Square, which is just a 5-minute walk from my clinic. Bless the people who have decided to open one outlet in Marina Square, they have just brought lots of joy into my life.

I can definitely understand why the Vanilla Mille Crepe is their signature cake and it is famous worldwide - because it is absolutely delicious! It is made of twenty pieces of handmade paper-thin crepes with ethereal light pastry cream in between the layers and the top is caramelised to a beautiful golden. It's so good, it's gone within minutes the delicate sweetness of the pastry cream lingers in my mouth.

However, I think the shop itself is a little bare. Perhaps the concept is minimalism, but shouldn't the shop be more "ladylike" when the name is called Lady M? The word "lady" gives a sense of sophistication, which I do not see in the shop design.

I have made it my goal to try all the cakes. Yes, they are very expensive, but some things are just worth the money. Vanilla Mille Crepe is one of them.
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