Monday, May 05, 2014

Ji De Chi Dessert

I believe that dessert is the conclusion to a meal, and unless there are special circumstances, I will always have dessert. I know Ah Chew Dessert at Ling Seah Street is well-known for their desserts, after having dinner at Ramen Champion yesterday, I decided to go there for desserts. However, the place was overflowing with people, all the tables are full and there are about 10 groups of people waiting in line, I will probably have to wait at least an hour if I were to eat there. Hence, I decided to find another dessert shop. As I walked down the lane, I saw Ji De Chi Dessert and I decided to have my dessert there. 

Mango and passion fruit are two of my favourite fruits, so I decided to order Mango Passion Fruit Flavour Snowy Ice. This is my first time eating snow ice although it has been introduced in Singapore for quite some time already. It's interesting how the mango-flavoured ice can be eaten layer by layer, it is a totally different eating experience. The mango pieces at the sides at freshly cut and very sweet and the passion fruit ball gives a bursts out when you bite into them. This is indeed the best dessert to be had on a hot and humid day.

I had something new and I had something old, Sesame Paste. It's not easy to find good sesame paste in Singapore and I am still on the lookout. It's nice but it tastes unnatural, it doesn't have the slightly gritty feel of hand-grinded sesame paste like Mei Heong Yuen Dessert, I think some other ingredient has been added.

This is definitely an alternative to the long-queue at Ah Chew Dessert, but it is definitely not the best. Personally I think that Mei Heong Yuen Dessert is still so far the best I have tried. 
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