Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ubin First Stop Restaurant

Ever since I had that salted egg crab in JB a few years ago, I have been searching for a place that makes good salted egg crab in Singapore (no one is free to go to JB with me, so I will have to make do with Singapore).

When I had a staycation with then-boyfriend ay Changi Village Hotel, we decided to walk over to Ubin First Stop Restaurant in the hope of finding my salted egg crab.

Besides the Salted Egg Crab, we also ordered a few other dishes: Chinese Spinach, Deep Fried Pork and Gong Gong.

The Chinese Spinach was well-cooked, but what's with all the soup (I wanted to call it gravy but it was too thin to be considered gravy)? 
Then-boyfriend recommended the Deep Fried Pork, which turned out to be juicy and crunchy with bits of water chest nut. 
Gong Gong was also ordered based on then-boyfriend's recommendation and I enjoyed pulling the meat out and eating the chewy meat.
The star of the meal, Salted Egg Crab, was not exactly startling good. It was supposed to be swimming in salted egg gravy, I guess this is the dry version. The crab itself is good, the meat is firm.

Although it is exactly not what I hoped for, it was a good meal all in all. I shall press on with my search for salted egg crab.
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