Sunday, April 20, 2014

Third & Sixth

The Boyfriend's friend introduced him to Third & Sixth, who in turn introduced it to me.

I have made it an item in in my bucket list to try all the burgers here. I am almost done, just a few more to go.

All In is the first burger I ate at Third & Sixth, and it is still my favourite after I have tried so many other buyers. All In, which basically means throw in everything, is exactly what this burger is. As written in the menu "2 beef patty, 2 types of mushroom, 2 types of cheese, 2 types of onions and chili con carne". What can I say, I am a greedy person who wants everything. 

Fillet - O - Flounder is made of two fish fillets fried to a crispy golden and sandwiched between a burger bun, with some vegetable and cheese. The fish fillets are too hard to be enjoyed in a burger, and it is a tad oily.

Low-Blowskey is an creative invention by incorporating calamari into a burger, but the result is not really that satisfying.

Messy Mexican is indeed a very messy burger to eat, and the chili con carne is a little spicy and I am not really a fan of spicy food, but this is the one I will come back to whenever I need that extra kick.

No. 36 is one of Boyfriend's favourite burger and I can definitely understand why. Juicy beef patty, caramelised onions, cheddar cheese and bacon, everything that is needed for a great burger. It's no wonder it's Third & Sixth's trademark burger. This is my second favourite, after All In.

Ram-Lee is an interesting attempt at combining omelette and beef patty, and I would say that is quite successful.

Way of The Hog is not really my style with the fried tofu skin, but it is worth a try. 

My girlfriend, Carmen Lim, is totally in love with this dish called Found Nemo. She need to get her fix almost every month, and I could not understand why until I tried the dish myself. Two perfectly grilled cod fillets lie on top of a bed of salad (Carmen will always change the salad to steel-cut fries). The fillets are grilled to perfection, slightly charred at the sides but perfectly soft on the inside. 

Besides the mains, Third & Sixth also have some finger-smacking finger food that goes perfectly with their fine selection of craft and premium beers. 

Made for Mario is truffle fries. Boyfriend thinks that is it the best truffle fries and he refuses to be told otherwise. I can't promise that it is THE best, but I can promise that you will always come back for more.

Pokey Fries is just deep fried luncheon meat piece, but it is so damn good you just can't stop eating.  Caution: This is highly addictive.

Yomomoso are chicken wings grilled in sweet and spicy sauce. This is supposed to be the Korean version of chicken wings.

Third & Sixth has a good collection of beer, craft beer, cider and ale. They have all kinds of hard liquors and concoctions that are bound to knock you flat. My favourite is still the Green Goblin.

Runny Inside seem to be the only dessert ever since I started frequenting this restaurant. It is absolutely essential to eat it the moment it is brought to you. The rush of the hot molten lava cake mixing with the cold creamy vanilla ice-cream might just make you shout out "wow".

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