Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Lounge Bar (MBS)

Amanda and I meet at Marina Bay Sands for dinner after work. We wanted a place where we can chill. The Lounge Bar sounds a relaxing place, so we decided to have dinner there.

I ordered Beef Lagsana. It is edible but not fantastic. 

We wanted to chill, so we ordered a beer. Mine's the Tetley's. 

... and Truffle Fries to go with the beer. Third & Sixth has excellent truffle fries, but there's got to be a better one out there, right? So we decided to try the truffle fries here and we were really disappointed. The fries are big and soggy, unlike the thin and crispy ones served at Third & Sixth. The fries taste like regular fries, I can't taste the truffle oil at all!

The food's average but the prices are not cheap (can't really blame them when they are located at Marina Bay Sands), I think people are paying more for the ambience and relaxed atmosphere than for the food. 
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