Friday, April 25, 2014

Sushi Goshin

Sushi Goshin is not the kind of restaurant I can afford to dine at, and if not for the sales representatives treating us, I might never have the chance to try the food here.

Sushi Goshin is part of the Akashi group of restaurants, one of the first restaurants to implement the iPad Menu Ordering system. The pictures on the iPad Menu are vibrant, everything looks even more appetising than in traditional menus. There is no need to wave and shout to try to get the attention of a waiter/waitress to get orders taken, simply choose the items you want and finalise the order and the order will be sent directly to the kitchen.

This is a complimentary sashimi platter. There are (from left to right) scallops, tuna, yellowtail, prawns, salmon, cuttlefish and clams.

This is the Saba Shioyaki set that I ordered. The saba is grilled to perfection, skin is crispy yet the meat is soft and tender. 

Sesame Ice-cream for dessert, as recommended by Doctor Foo. I think the ice-cream would have tasted better if bits of roasted sesame were put into the ice-cream, otherwise it is creamy and delicious.

When I have the money, I would like to come back here to try their sushi and sashimi. I believe they should be good, if the ingredients are air-flown from Japan daily.
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