Friday, April 18, 2014

Strictly Pancakes

I love pancakes. I love the soft and fluffy little things that taste so great with maple syrup and butter. I usually get my pancake fix at McDonald, but I decided to give myself a treat one fine Sunday morning and had brunch at Strictly Pancakes.

I started my meal with an American staple breakfast food, Benedict The Thief. Pancakes are used in place of muffins. The presentation is good, but the dish is a little plain in terms of taste.

For drinks, I ordered Nutella Milkshake. The Nutella is nicely blended into the milkshake but tasted ordinary. 

I always hold on to the belief that a meal should always end on a sweet note, so I had Berry Berry Fantastic for dessert, along with a cup of hot chocolate. The pancakes are a little too floury for my liking but the custard sauce with blue berries and strawberries is delicious. The hot chocolate is strong and good. 

Strictly Pancakes is nice little restaurant to go to for the pancake lover.
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