Monday, April 28, 2014

Ssikkek Korean Barbeque

This is where the obsession with Korean food started (StarKing Korean Restaurant and Mid-Night Korean Charcoal BBQ comes after this). My only encounter with Korean barbeque was when I went back to visit my relatives in China many many years ago and my aunt brought me to eat Korean barbeque. Everything from mutton to beef to pork is marinated in sweet sauce, everything is sickening sweet. I vowed never to eat Korean barbeque again. 

Then I met Amanda who has an obsession with anything Korean. My food and plays buddy (who is now my boyfriend) and Amanda decided to have Korean barbeque and asked me to join them. The not-yet-boyfriend reassured me that it is not at all sweet and that I will love it, so I agreed.

Oh my, I never knew pork belly can taste so delicious and we even drank soju, just like in the Korean dramas. 

I think I am going to be totally addicted to Korean barbeque from now on.

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