Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ramen Champion: Bario

Then-boyfriend knew I have an obsession with ramen brought me to Ramen Champion which is located in Bugis +. Ramen Champion is a heaven for ramen lovers like me because I can try out many types of ramen that are not available elsewhere in Singapore. 

I decided to try something I have not tried before: Bario (which is highly recommended by then-boyfriend). This Jiro-kei (Jiro-style) ramen, which is a clear pork and chicken shoyu soup, has been listed by Guardian UK as one of the "50 Best Things to Eat in The World" and it certainly is one of the most popular ramen in Tokyo.

The broth is lighter than the tonkotsu broth I am used to, and I am liking the change. Thick noodles are used to compliment the light broth. The charshu are chunky, unlike the delicate round ones served normally. It is served with generous heap of bean sprouts, garlic is optional.

There is one thing about this ramen that I must warn you about: the portions are huge. Definitely not for whose with small appetites. Maybe this is the reason Bario's slogan is "ramen of the man, by the man, for the man". 

I will definitely be back to try the other interesting ramens. 

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