Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I have heard and read quite a bit about Paul Bakery, it's a apparently quite a famous French boulangerie/patisserie. I was curious about how special the food is, so I decided to have afternoon tea when I discovered that they have opened a new outlet at Westgate when I was exploring the mall one Sunday morning.

The Hot Chocolate is not as good as I anticipated. It is very rich, but not creamy and smooth enough.

The Lemon Meringue Tart is far too sweet for my liking, but I have to say, it does look very pretty. 

I am totally addicted to croissants, so naturally I ordered a croissant. The croissant looks so good, it is flaky and soft, the only problem is that it is not buttery enough. The croissant comes with a small ceramic jar of butter, but the butter (which probably just came out of the fridge) is so hard that I gave up on it after a few tries. Perhaps they could help to warm the butter up before they serve it to the customer. What's the point of having butter that looks so good in the small jar but it so hard that it is impossible to scrape anything out?

Nothing really catches my attention at this famed patisserie place.
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