Sunday, April 20, 2014

Niqqi's The Cheese Prata Shop

Today is one of the rare days when Stella and I are able to have lunch together. We decided to try out Niqqi's The Cheese Prata Shop which is a dew bus stops down the road.

I ordered Plain Prata, Egg Prata, Mushroom and Cheese Prata, Banana Chocolate Prata and a cup of Milo Dinosaur.

I won't say this is the best prata, everyone likes their prata differently. Some like them crispy, some like them soft, some like them tough. The pratas here are definitely a lot better than the ones served at many other places. 

The pratas are slightly cripsy on the outside but chewy on the inside. The Plain, Egg and Mushroom and Cheese Pratas are all done very well, but the Banana and Chocolate Prata was a little disappointing. From purely taste point of view (not taking into account the cost), the prata would be heavenly if they use real melted chocolate. 

We asked for both fish and chicken curry. A lot of spices has gone into making the curries, judging from the amazing aroma. Stella and I both agree that the chicken curry is better than the fish curry, the fish curry is a little diluted. Whether this is the standard or one time exception, I will not be able to conclude until I have been here a few more time. On the topic of fish curry, Jalan Kayu Prata Shop does a much better job.

Niqqi's The Cheese Prata Shop is open 24 hours, it is the perfect place for that midnight prata craving.
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