Monday, April 28, 2014


It has been a long while since I last ate at Marche, I decided to have lunch there when I was there to run some errands.

Marche is a Switzerland restaurant with an interesting way of giving each diner a Marche Guest Card. You just give your card to the counter after ordering your food and you make payment for your meal at the exit. It gives people more time to decide and seeing the food being prepared right before your eyes gives you the assurance that everything is fresh.

I decided to start my meal with a bowl of Cream of Mushroom .

It is more thick than creamy. It is delicious, but I do wish it has a slightly stronger taste.

For mains, I had Mushroom Crepe. The crepe is made fresh upon order, the mushrooms have been sautéed beforehand. The crepe is ready, first is creme sauce, and then a generous amount of cheese, add on the mushrooms and some fresh vegetables, fold the crepe and cut in half - it's done! Eat it with the creme sauce provided (I always ask for at least two extra cups) and it tastes absolutely divine.  

For drinks, I wanted something light and refreshing, so I opted for a glass of Calamansi with Sour Plums (Calamansi is basically lime juice). It is exactly as I wanted it, light and refreshing. 

A meal is not complete with dessert, at least that's how I feel. I actually wanted something else for dessert, but a lady with a tray of Fruit Cake came to my table and asked if I wanted a piece. The Fruit Cake looks so pretty, I decided to take one. 
The fruits are very fresh and juicy, there's no sign of oxidation at all, so I believe it was freshly made. However, I do wish the sponge cake at the bottom could be softer and creamier. 

I used to love Marche, and I still do. It's difficult to keep the quality of the food consistently so good all through the years, but Marche has managed to do exactly that.
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