Friday, April 25, 2014


Boyfriend has been wanting to bring me to Ippudo for quite a while. He kept telling me that this is one of THE BEST ramen in Singapore. 

If the length of the queue and waiting time is any indication of the quality of the food, Ippudo's ramen must be fantastic because we waited for about 45 minutes even though we were quite early (according to Boyfriend) and the queue never seems to get any shorter!

I ordered Shiromaru Tamogo because I love Japanese braised egg and a hearty broth. It is a little salty for my taste but it is otherwise a superb bowl of ramen.

Boyfriend ordered Shrimp Bun and said that I had to try this. The buns are soft and fluffy, the shrimp are fried till a beautiful golden colour, the whole thing is just so delicious. 

Boyfriend also ordered Spicy Shrimp Mayo. I was a little hensitant when I saw the word "spicy" but it was not that spicy after all. The juicy prawns are wrapped in flour and fried till the whole thing puffs out. When you bite into it, the puff deflates and the tenderness of the prawns makes me just want to eat on and on. 

I agree that Ippudo serves good ramen at affordable price, the only thing is that it is a little too crowded and the queue is a little too long. Just a little, but not enough to hold me back. 
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