Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chun Kee Restaurant

My colleague, Serene Ew, has been saying that she wants to bring us to eat at a restaurant that is near her old house, which is in Tanjong Katong. We made a date and here we are.

Chun Kee used to be a hawker stall in Hong Kong Street, the business did so well they were able to set up a restaurant.

Serene took it upon herself to order the dishes, so we only had to wait to eat.

Sambal Kangkong

Sweet and Sour Pork


Prawn Paste Chicken

Cereal Prawn

Cereal Tofu

They are all dishes that can be found in every corner of Singapore, the only difference is Chun Kee does it so much better than others. 

Cereal Prawn is a dish I have not eaten elsewhere. It's love at first bite. The sweetness of the cereal when put together with the slightly salty egg tofu, is heavenly. My colleagues told me my face was a picture of utter bliss when I was eating it.

The food is finger-licking good, the service is good, there is not GST or service charge, it's just perfect. The only problem is Tajong Katong is quite far from my house, but I don't mind travelling the distance from time to time for such good food. 
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