Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fruit Paradise

I have known about this place of delight for quite a while, but I have not managed to try it out for one reason or another. 

I love anything to do with Japanese and milk, combining my love for these two, I ordered Hokkaido Milk Pudding.

It is exactly how I imagined it would be like. The pudding is velvety smooth and tastes just like saturated milk. The puff that holds the pudding is soft and light, complimenting the pudding ever so perfectly. The sliced fruits are more for presentation than anything else, the pudding is perfect as it is and I would love it with or without the fruits.

However, the restaurant is named Fruit Paradise, so the focus should be on the fruits, but the pudding definitely outshines the fruits in this Hokkaido Milk Pudding.

Teas is another speciality of this restaurant, so I ordered a pot of Sangria which is a blend of apple, hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips, elderberries and vanilla pods. The result is a tangy and uplifting tea that tastes very similar to the Spanish/Portugal drink with the same name, except this is the hot version (I suspect that was the exact intention, although the traditional Sangria is made of wine, chopped fruit, sweetener and brandy).

This is the perfect place to end the perfect meal.
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