Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fish Market Sakuraya

I have been wanting to try out this restaurant ever since I moved to West Coast. I know that it is a Japanese restaurant from the name, and I have a weakness for all things Japanese. 

The decoration of the restaurant is very Japanese, and they sell a lot of Japanese food and snacks.

This is a Fish Mart, so naturally eating fish is the best option here.

We each ordered a hand roll and I had Grilled Shishamo with rice set.

The food is not fantastic, but it is definitely value-for-money. I spent a less that $15 for everything, that's not bad for a Japanese meal.

I really like the rice, pickled radish and miso soup. The rice is soft and sticky, the pickled radish is just the right amount of sweet and sour, and the miso soup is not too salty.

The Grilled Shishamo, however, is not quite up to my expectations. It is not crispy enough on the body, but the head is slightly burned. There's room for improvement.
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