Friday, April 25, 2014

Eighteen Chefs

When I passed by Eighteen Chefs on my way to watch a movie one day, I knew I had to bring my girlfriends there one day, since it is a halal restaurant . 

I decided to try "Be Your Own Chef" where I get to design my own dish. 

Double Cheese Baked Rice + Creamy White + Seafood

For drinks, I ordered Frozen Black. I didn't realize that it was root beer with ice-cream and I don't like root beer, I had a really hard time trying to swallow it and I ended up wasting half of it. My bad, I should have looked at the menu more carefully before ordering. 

For dessert, I had Black Beauty, which is homemade brownie with 2 scoops of ice-cream and chcolate sauce. It is alright but not fantastic. 

The food is alright and prices are reasonable (some may even consider the prices to be cheap), but I really like is the concept of the restaurant. This restaurant is a place where ex-convicts are given a job and a second chance at life. This is a Yellow Ribbon project in motion. 
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