Friday, April 18, 2014

Eat at Taipei

I was exploring the newly-opened JCube with Carmen Lim when it was time for dinner. After going through all the food options we had, we settled down this chic little restaurant, Eat at Taipei.

This is Shilin Night Market Vermicelli with Oyster and Pig's Intestine. This is a very common taipei snack that everyone knows about and it can be found practically everywhere in Singapore, but this restaurant makes it especially well. 

Tainan Coffin Toast is apparently a very popular snack, but we didn't know that back then. We were really taken aback by how delicious it was. Creamy soup was contained in a hollowed-out crispy thick bread, it was so good we finished every last bit.

This is one of Taipei's most famous desserts, Special Mango Snow Ice. Every mouthful is full of the taste of mango. However, it tastes just a little too mashy for my taste. 

This restaurant is for everyone. If you have been to Taipei, this restaurant will bring back all the memories of all the delicious Taipei snacks. If you have not been to Taipei, this restaurant will give you a taste of Taipei before you make your way there. 
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