Sunday, April 13, 2014

Doodle! Pasta, Noodle & Winebar

My colleagues have all been telling me how good the pasta is at Doodle! Pasta, Noodle and Winebar. Since it is in Millennia Walk, which is just across the street from my workplace, I thought I will give it a try.  Well, I didn't really get to eat at the restaurant because something cropped up at the clinic, but I got my colleague to buy it back for me.

I decided to go for something classic. Everyone can come up with new and creative pastas, but not everyone can do the classics well, so I asked for Spaghetti Carbonara. 

It is not exactly authentic carbonara, because they used minced meat instead of bacon, but the taste comes off so well you probably won't realise the difference. The cream and cheese is mixed very well, and the minced meat gives it a good punch.

It is very well done, but the portion is a little small.

Maybe it's just small to someone who has a big appetite like me.
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