Monday, April 21, 2014

Bangkok Jam

I was exploring the newly opened The Dining Edition in Marina Square with my girlfriend, Amanda, when we came across Bangkok Jam and we decided to have dinner there.

I ordered Yellow Curry Chicken, it is one of the chef's recommendation, and it has definitely lived up to its name.

The curry looks very spicy, but actually it is not spicy at all! It is mildly sweet and so delicious! I literally finished every last drop of the curry.

For dessert,  I had Caramelised Tapioca. It's normal, same as everywhere else.

The second time I was there, I had Massaman Beef Curry. The curry is nice, but the beef is not tender enough.

I think that the food at Bangkok Jam are done very well and I strongly recommend everything to patronise their restaurants.


Wintershark said...

I have to spend some time catching up on all your food reviews. I know more about Melbourne restaurants than Singapore ones, so your blog is proving to be a fantastic resource.

By the way, where would you say I could get really good ramen in Singapore? The best I've had was, alas, in Japan (Takayama-style ramen with thick slices of Hida beef, perfectly delicious).

Zhang Yang said...

That depends on what type of ramen and type of soup base you like. Perhaps you could consider Ramen Champion @ Bugis + where you can choose from different stalls. I will bring you there the next time you are back. When are you coming back?

Wintershark said...

I am here already! Email me whenever you are free (my mobile phone has a terrible battery life and is usually off).

Zhang Yang said...

You are back in Singapore? Till when? Let's meet up! Give me your email address.

Wintershark said...

My email address is the same one tied to my blog acccount ( I'm actually back for good, so no rush!