Thursday, May 01, 2014

8 Korean BBQ

Boyfriend is not working, so he met me after my work to have dinner with me (forgoing the mahjong game that he has been itching to play, so sweet of him). He brought me to The Central, and when I ask what we are going to eat, he just says that he wants to eat meat. He brought me to 8 Korean BBQ located on the second floor of The Central.

Boyfriend forbid me from taking photos, this one is taken on the sly. I will make up for the lack of photos in the next visit. 

This restaurant is named 8 Korean BBQ because of the special Mangalitza Hog, served in eight mouth-watering flavours. Boyfriend ordered the 4 colour set ($58) and he chose the four lighter flavours: wine, original, ginseng and garlic. Boyfriend's favourite is wine while my favourite is garlic. When you warp a piece of the pork with a slice of sliced garlic in a piece of lettuce and stuff the whole thing in your mouth, it's just the best thing ever. This is the Korean way of eating called ssamjang. 

Every set comes with kimchi, bean sprouts, vegetables and seafood bean paste stew. The stew is smooth and thick, it goes so well with the pork. 

You won't have to lift a finger when you are here, except to eat. The staff will cook the pork till perfection and cut them into bite size for you to enjoy. This is one place I don't mind paying the service fee because the service is really there. 

I will definitely be back to try the other eight flavours. 
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