Friday, April 18, 2014


I finally have the chance to try out 1Market by Chef Wan when we had a mini hen party for Eudora. 

There are a handful of good halal restaurants in Singapore, but halal buffet is very rare. I was very excited when this restaurant opened in Singapore, I wanted to know how halal buffet fares as compared with regular buffet. 

To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I don't like to eat spicy food,  so I skipped those and the ones I took really did not impress me. The chicken is tasteless, the mango salad is overly sour, the beef is hard like a rock and the salmon sashimi tastes like it has been there for days. My girlfriend took a few pieces of roasted beef and they looked slightly more promising so I took a piece.  It looked like medium-rare but it was so hard that I ended up having to spit it into a piece of napkin.

The only thing that is still edible is probably the grilled station. The grilled prawns look nice but they are overcooked. The grilled vegetables are edible but taste very bland. 

I was hoping that the seafood section will instill some hope in me, but the tray of dismay-looking crab, prawns and mussels made me give up that idea. 

I was disappointed that I didn't even have the heart to try the desserts which is normally the part of the meal that I look forward to the most. I was scared of yet another disappointment. I can only be disappointed so many times in one restaurant. 

For $50+ per person, I would have expected the food quality to be on par if not better than regular buffets, but I hardly think that the quality of the food here is worth the price.

Ironically, the place was packed. I guess the scarify of halal buffet in Singapore makes up for the bad quality of food. 

To be fair, I did have a very heavy lunch, so I wasn't very hungry when we dined at 1Market. If I have the chance, I shall give it another try, but there's no way I am going to be paying.
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