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The Book Cafe

During my staycation with my girlfriends at Studio M Hotel, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that The Book Cafe is just opposite the hotel. This is a cafe that I have wanted to try for a very long time, but it's not near any of my usual hangout so I did not have the chance to try it out, until now.

We had lunch there on both days. 

I am not over the All-Day Breakfast crave yet (and probably never will), I decided to have something from the All-Day Breakfast menu. I ordered Omelette, Vanilla Milkshake and I had some of the Potato Wedges and Wing Zing that my girlfriends ordered.

The vanilla milkshake is delicious. It tastes like melted premium vanilla ice-cream. It is thick and creamy, and velvet smooth.

I am not really a fan of potato wedges, so I'm not going to comment on them, but my girlfriends liked them, that should count for something.

The Omelette is described as served "with Emmenthal Cheese & Lean Bacon served with Avocado & Japanese Tomato Salad, Sour Cream & Organic Toast" in the menu. The omelette itself is cheesy and eggy, exactly how I like my omelette to be. I think they replaced the Emmenthal Cheese and Lean Bacon with rosti which is deliciously done with a crispy outside and soft inside. The sour cream takes away the oiliness. The dish would have been perfect if the toast had been the thick one like those served at Food For Thought (Botanical Gardens) .

On the second day, still ordered from the All-Day Breakfast menu. I had Eggs Benedict and Traditional Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice-cream.

The poached eggs and hollandaise sauce are done to perfection, but the ham and muffin at the bottom are too dry which is probably the result of being left in the open for too long. The rosti is still as good as before, but I think everything would have tasted so much better if the food had been hotter. The whole dish tastes as if it was left outside for half an hour before it was served to me. 

Likewise for the Traditional Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice-cream, the apple pie would have tasted so much better if it had been served to me piping hot. The apple pie is a little sour if eaten on its own, but the sweetness of the vanilla ice-cream balances out the tanginess, and it is simply perfect. The fresh apple slices is a nice little addition which refreshes your mouth.

The Book Cafe has not disappointed me (maybe except the hotness of the food and the service, but I can understand because they are really understaffed), it is everything I thought it would be and more.

Even if I do not come for the food, this would be the perfect place to waste a lazy afternoon away with a cup of hot chocolate and a book from their collection, or you can bring along your own reading material or laptop because the cafe provides power points and free WIFI. 


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