Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pique Nique #1

Ong Sushan is one of my polytechnic course mates, but we didn’t use to speak much, so imagine my surprise when she asked to meet me on Facebook one day.

We met at Orchard MRT station and she brought me to this chic little restaurant called Pique Nique, which is located at Takashimaya. I find Takashimaya horribly confusing, so I try not to go there as much as possible.

Pique Nique is a Portuguese word meaning “picnic”. Well, the food here are definitely picnic-worthy. 

The menu at Pique Nique is not extensive, but the quality of the food certainly makes up for it.

I ordered Farmer’s Omelette (from the All Day Breakfast Menu) and Classic Vanilla Milk Shake.

There’s nothing pretentious or elaborate about the food here. It’s just homely cooking, and it tastes really good.

The omelette is made with 3 eggs, sautéed onions, bacon, sausage, potato and mushrooms. All the ingredients come together to create this delicious omelette. It is served with grilled tomato, white toast and side salad.

The Classic Vanilla Milk Shake is really good too. I love the vanilla beans that are blended together.

I definitely won’t mind coming back here again and again.
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