Monday, April 29, 2013

La Salsa #1

I have been having a craving for Mexican food for some time now, so I brought my date to Dempsey Hill where we had dinner at La Salsa. I was actually going to Margarita’s, which is another Mexican restaurant in Dempsey Hill, but it was at another block and I was lazy to walk.

This is my first time eating actual Mexican food.  I have had quesadillas and tacos when I was working part-time at Senor Taco at Orchard Towers, but I have not had actual Mexican fare.

I ordered Pescado Veracruz. It tastes somewhat similar to Indian food, with the spices and all. I really like the Pescado Veracruz I ordered.

When I eat out at a good restaurant, I like to end my meal on a sweet note, so I ordered Mexican Vanilla 'N Lime Caramel Flan. It is basically sweeter version of custard with syrup, but it is nevertheless delicious.

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