Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coffee Club #1

I decided to try out the True Fitness outlet at Chevron House, which is just beside Raffles MRT station, which make it very convenient for me to go home.

I was hungry, so I decided to have a good meal at Raffles Place before going to the gym.

However, to my dismay, the only restaurants open were Starbucks, MOS Burger and Burger King. I didn’t come all the way here to have fast food!

After walking for a bit, I finally managed to find the only decent restaurant, Coffee Club. I have not eaten there for quite a number of years, so I decided to have lunch there.

I ordered Baked Shrimp-crusted Salmon and Exotic Passion Earl Freeze.

The Exotic Passion Earl Freeze is absolutely delicious. The menu described it as “Earl Grey lovers’ delight – ice blended tea lavished with bits of passion fruit”. I was prepared for the bitterness of tea, but all I could taste was a delightfully refreshing drink with a hint of vanilla and crunchy passion fruit bits.

The Baked Shrimp-crusted Salmon, however,did not quite meet my expectation. I love the presentation, but the mashed potato still cannot compare to Fika’s. The lemonade sauce is a little too strong. The shrimp crust is a really good idea, but it overpowered the taste of the salmon, which is the star of the dish.

I will definitely be back again. There are so many delicious foods to eat here, how can I not come back?
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