Monday, April 08, 2013

A for Arbite #1

I have not had the chance to try out the food at A for Arbite, Arbite’s new outlet located at 28 Aliwal St #01-01, Singapore 199918.

I was hungry and I wanted to try a new restaurant so I decided to have lunch there.

I ordered Truffle Beef Burger and My Wife’s Chocolate Cake.

The Truffle Beef Burger looks really pretty but a little disappointing in terms of taste. It doesn’t taste like a burger. It is just a beef patty between sliced buns. The beef patty is very juicy, but not tasteful enough, it be should marinated properly. The French fries are too thick and lack crunchiness and the side salad tastes a little too blend. 

My Wife’s Chocolate Cake is not too bad. I love the vanilla bean ice-cream, but it would have been perfect if the chocolate cake had been a little sweeter.  
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