Monday, January 07, 2013

Wild Honey #1

This is the last stop in “Singapore’s 5 Best All-Day Breakfast Joints”.

We had to wait for two weekends before I could get a reservation, so we were expecting a lot from this restaurant.

Sean ordered English, while I ordered European, which are two of Wild Honey’s signature dishes.

Let’s talk about Sean’s English first. This is the standard big breakfast.

I am not impressed, at all. The bread is too thick and not fragrant enough, the mushrooms is a little too dry, the bacon is way too tough and sausage is too soft. The scrambled egg is about the only thing that is worth eating on this plate. No comments about the baked beans, since I don’t really like baked beans.

Now, let’s talk about my European.

I am still not impressed. The hollandaise sauce and poached eggs are unremarkable, the mushrooms are too dry (consistent with the English) and the bread is too thick. The only thing I like about this dish are the italian prosciutto, which is dry-cured ham, that is used to wrap about the poached eggs. It tastes a little like smoked salmon and it is slightly chewy with a slightly smoky taste, which is really quite nice.

Overall, Sean and I are rather disappointed with Wild Honey.

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