Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Orange Lantern

As Mariem is Muslim, every time when we go out with her, we must make sure that the restaurant is halal. After having been to the standard halal restaurants such as Swensen and Secret Recipe, we decided we wanted to try something new.

The Orange Lantern is a halal restaurant that I found online. Seeing that the reviews are mostly positive and we don’t normally have Vietnamese cuisine, we decided to have Grace’s birthday celebration here.

Mariem read somewhere that the Vietnamese Imperial Rolls are good, so we ordered that as starter. This is one of Singapore's Top 100 Signature Dish Award 2008! The crispy net is crunchy to the bite and melts in the mouth. The minced chicken and shredded carrot compliment each other very well.  She is right, it is very good!

The other starter we ordered are the spring rolls, but I don’t really like spring rolls very much, so I have no comment on this, but judging from the satisfied faces on Mariem and Grace, I believe they should be quite good.

I ordered Special Beef Noodle Soup as my main course. It may not look like much, with the clear soup, but do not be deceived by its clean appearance. The soup is very flavorful and the beef pieces are cooked to perfection.

I am quite sure we all enjoyed the food here. 
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