Monday, January 07, 2013

Singapore's 5 Best All-Day Breakfast - Conclusion

Yes! I have finally tried out all the 5 restaurants mentioned in Singapore's 5 Best All-Day Breakfast Joints.

In the order as according to my tastebuds ...

Food For Thought (Botanical Gardens)

I went there once and I returned again because the food is simply so delicious. On top of the great quality, the price is very reasonable.

Full Works is their version of the American Breakfast and it is probably going to be the only American breakfast I am going to eat. The toast is fluffy and thick, the sausages are cut into small pieces and so juicy, the sauteed mushrooms are divine with a touch of sourness and the scrambled eggs are melt-in-the-mouth.

What more can I ask for?

Eggs & Berries

I went there once and I returned again and again because I missed the good food.

It is however a little far for most Singaporeans as it is located at Changi City Point, but I have a direct bus that will take me there in 30 minutes, so I will definitely be back for more. 


I actually took the time to try out each item on its All Day Breakfast section and here are my individual reviews: Arbite BreakfastFrittataSmoked Salmon SmorgasbordEggs BenedictGardener French Toast and Sea Salt Caramel Banana Pan Cakes.

I am still trying to decide if my favourite is Gardener French Toast or Sea Salt Caramel Banana Pancakes.

The service is excellent but a little shy, the food is good (cooked all by the owner Marc Wee) and the design makes you feel like you walked right into an IKEA catalogue. 

The only downside is the place is a little difficult to get to.

It took me two weekends before I could get a reservation. If the amount of waiting time is supposed to be any indication of the quality of food, I am sadly disappointed.

I love the ambience of this restaurant though. It has a very homey feel, and the service is excellent. The servers make excellent recommendations and they have beautiful smiles.


I went there the first time and I went back again just to be sure. 

No, the food is still not up to my standard. 

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