Monday, November 12, 2012

Sea Salt Caramel Banana Pan Cakes

I had the Sea Salt Caramel Banana Pan Cakes (the last item in the Arbite All Day Breakfast menu) and Elderflower Soda Float.

Well, it's pancakes, so there's nothing really much you can do about that. The pancakes themselves are good, the texture is just right. There's three layers of pancakes with cooked bananas in between the layers. What I really like is the touch of seasalt that goes perfectly with the bananas. The seasalt actually brings out the sweetness of the bananas.

You can't go wrong with caramel and the berries adds a little sourness, but I do wish that they can incorporate more sourness into the dish, it's a little too sweet.

Looks like I will have to find another place to continue my All Day Breakfast project. How about Food For Thought at Botanical Gardens?  
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