Monday, January 14, 2013

Kenny Rogers

I was on my way to Australian University Open House which was hosted by IDP, and I was hungry, so I stopped for lunch at Kenny Rogers as I was passing through Marina Square to get to Pan Pacific Hotel, where the Open House was held.

I vowed never to eat at Kenny Rogers again after the last time I ate there (I don’t remember but something really bad must have happened for me to dislike a restaurant so much).

I wanted to order Homestyle Baked Fish, but the friendly waitress who attended to me informed me that I have to wait for about 15 minutes because it is freshly prepare upon order. As I was too hungry, I ordered Quarter Chicken with side dishes of Macaroni and Cheese and Corn Nibblets. I also ordered Mushroom Soup.

The portions are much smaller as compared to before, when Mum used to bring me there to eat (I think that was one of my complaints the last time I had Kenny Rogers). The servings used to be huge and I always had difficulty finishing my plate of food.

I was served a piece of their famous corn muffin first. The corn muffin is still as delicious as ever. It is moist and you can taste the corn in every mouthful.

The Mushroom Soup exceeds my expectations and is comparable to the one at Food For Thought.

My main course arrived shortly. Although the portions are smaller, but I was surprised that the food was really good. The chicken meat is tender, even the breast meat is flavorful (I suspect I was really upset the last time I had Kenny Rogers because the chicken was too dry). The Macaroni and Cheese is still as good and cheesy as ever and the Corn Nibblets are sweet and crunchy.

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