Sunday, January 06, 2013

Food For Thought (Botanical Gardens) #2

Since Wild Honey is fully booked till 4.30pm (again) and we are too hungry to wait for so long, we decided to go to Food For Thought at the Botanical Gardens and have a scrumptious lunch.

We learned from our mistake and we took the MRT to Orchard MRT where we took a bus from the bus stop across the road from Exit B, which brought us directly to the Tanglin Gate of the Botanical Gardens.

The restaurant is brimming with people, so different from the cold and deserted place the last time (I think it was raining the last time, that’s why there were so little people). We couldn’t find a seat inside, so we sat outside (it doesn’t really make much difference since the air-conditioning is not working inside).

We are both very hungry, so we ordered a lot, again. I ordered Homemade Mushroom Soup, Full Works (I can never get enough of this dish) and a Croissant (did I mention I LOVE Croissants?) and Sean had a Ratatouille (yes, the same name with the Disney movie), a Chicken Cutlet with Rice Set and Lemon Butter Mushroom Linguine.

Sean actually wanted to surprise me by ordering a Hot Chocolate without me telling him to, but the waiter was one step ahead of him with my Hot Chocolate, spoiling his surprise. It’s hilarious, but so sweet of him.

(His attempt to surprise me was sabotaged again at dinner when we were at MOS Burger. I wasn’t hungry, so I asked him to get me a vanilla milkshake (I still think that their vanilla milkshake is the best in Singapore), but they don’t have vanilla milkshake as it’s a small outlet, so he ordered a Wild Berries Toast for me, but he refused to tell me what he ordered and kept telling me that it’s a surprise. However, the auntie who delivered the food to us spoilt his surprise by saying, “You still have a toast, right?” I shall always remember today as the day when Sean was sabotaged in his two attempts to surprise me.)

Full Works is still as delicious as ever. I seriously think they make the best sautéed mushrooms (Sean will agree with me on this). I love piling the scrambled eggs on the thick toast. It’s divine.

The Homemade Mushroom Soup is a little disappointing. In my humble opinion, Eggs and Berries still make the best mushroom soup.

Ratatouille, according to Wikipedia, “ is a traditional French Provencal stewed vegetable dish, originating in Nice. The full name of the dish is ratatouille nicoise”. I don’t think Sean enjoyed it very much. The Chicken Cutlet and Rice set looks pathetic and tastes equally pathetic. The Lemon Butter Mushroom Linguine is really good, and the mushrooms are the same juicy ones used in Full Works.  

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