Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ramen Champion #1

Sean was telling me about this "super expensive" (he was a poor student back then, so a $10+ ramen is super expensive) ramen place in Bugis where the chefs are all top chefs from Japan.

Since we were in the vicinity, I decided to have lunch there. 

It is called Ramen Champion and it is located at 4th floor of Bugis+ (this is my first time to the revamped Bugis+ since it opened) “where 6 Japanese ramen heavyweights are housed in a Marche-like food hall.  I like it. This way, I get to try ramen native to the different prefectures of Japan all in one place” (quoted from a HungryGoWhere review).

Coincidently, both Sean and I ordered the Bario Ramen.

Sean likes the large amount of bean sprouts given, and he likes to add their chili powder to the soup, which does make the soup more tasty but not too spicy.

Its thick base is rich, but gets a little salty if you drink too much.

I will be back to try the other five stalls.
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