Sunday, December 30, 2012

Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen #1

I think I am in love.

I just had ramen at this Japanese restaurant Men-Ichi and I am totally in love with their ramen. It is located at level 1 of NorthPoint and I have walked past it at least a hundred times, but I have not eaten there until today.

I had the Paiton Tonkotsu Ramen. The thick white broth is so full of flavor, I drank it to the last drop (that is not something I normally do). The char siew was tender and delicious and the half-boiled egg was done to perfection.

According to their website: 

Men-Ichi’s rich tonkotsu soup derives its wonderful essence from a perfect balance of pork bones, chicken bones and vegetables.  The soup is first boiled for over 12 hours, during which the fire is carefully tended and scum meticulously skimmed off the water’s surface. This long tedious process yields a full-bodied broth containing exactly 408g of pure essence.

Wafu or Japanese-style ingredients such as katsuo (bonito), saba (mackerel) and konbu (kelp) contribute to the umami (savouriness) and amami (sweetness) in Men-ichi’s wafu soup. Low in oil and calories, this is Men-ichi’s recommended delicious healthy ramen.
 Men-ichi uses 100% homemade noodles specially created using an original recipe. Each strand boasts the aroma of wheat and an irresistibly springy texture. Enjoy your bowl of ramen with our char siew, selected from good quality bara niku (boned rib) and pan-fried lightly to bring out its natural flavours.

There is the chance that my review is biased, it was raining and I was freezing cold and that warm bowl of ramen really warmed me up, plus I was really quite hungry and everything just tastes much better when I am hungry.

According to the brochure that serves as a tablemat, each region has it’s own version. I have decided to try each of the variation and I will have the Paiton Tonkotsu Ramen again when I am not cold and hungry, so that I may give an unbiased verdict.
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