Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Eggs & Berries #2

­­This is my second time at Eggs and Berries, this time still with Sean. It’s Christmas today, I wanted a Christmas feast, and since we liked the food here so much the last time we were here, here we are again.
They do have a Christmas set meal, and since the desert is what I wanted to try since the last time, I decided to go with the Christmas set meal, with an additional order of Fresh Mushroom Omelette.
The drink, Cherry Berry Mocktail, came first. There is nothing special, just a mixture of soda water.
Next up is the Fresh Mushroom Cream. It is absolutely delicious. It’s creamy and full of mushroom flavor (Sean loved it too).

My main course arrived shortly. I opted for the Herb Roasted Turkey with Chicken Jus which is described as “turkey meat rubbed with herbs and roasted to perfection, served with tasty chicken jus served with potato wedges, our signature poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, caesar salad with bacon and baked tomato”. The turkey is nicely done but a little salty to me, but the poached eggs are still as perfect as ever.

My second main course, Fresh Mushroom Omelette, came next. It’s not as nice as the Beef and Cheese Omelette we had the last time.

Finally, the dessert arrives - Chocolate Lave with Vanilla Ice-cream. The menu describes it as “warm chocolate lava oozing with chocolate sauce served with a scoop of ice cream”. That sounds just about right. The moment the spoon cuts into the cake, the rich chocolate oozes out, but it’s not the kind of sickening-sweet chocolate, it is rich and smooth. Pair that with some vanilla ice-cream, and I am in food paradise. Even Sean, who doesn’t really like sweet things, loves this.

Both Sean and I have falling in love with this little restaurant.

It’s just a little far for folks like us who live in the North, but food this good is worth it.

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