Monday, December 31, 2012

Cedele #2

We wanted to eat at Wild Honey but is full to the brim and we’ll probably have to wait for at least half an hour without a reservation, we decided to eat at Cedele instead, making this my second time there.

This is my second time at Cedele, and having had quite a bad experience the first time, I am a little worried.

I ordered Omelette from the All Day Breakfast menu and Sean ordered Hot Plate and White Mushroom Pasta.

The Hot Plate is still as disappointing as ever. The salad has no dressing, runny and tasteless scrambled eggs.

The Omelette is not much better. There is still no dressing for the salad (is this their culture or is this some twisted joke?), the sautéed mushrooms are tasteless and the scrambled eggs are runny and tasteless.

However, the White Mushroom Pasta that Sean ordered is really very well done. The sauce is creamy but not too thick and the pieces of white mushroom are delicious.  

The Wild Blueberry Pancakes saved this meal for me. The wild blueberries studded in the pancake are delicious and adds a refreshing zest. The vanilla ice-cream is not smooth enough (I would think that Haagen-Dazs would be a good choice) and I wished the pancake can be slightly fluffier, but it is otherwise okay on the whole. 

I am REALLY a little disappointed this time.

I will give it a one last try. Three times’ the charm, they say.

Sean, however, refuses to ever come back here. He even made a joke out of this restaurant: if you say Cedele fast enough, it sounds exactly like ‘sadly’, which is how the food tastes like.

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